Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flea Market Finds

These beauties didn't come from a flea market, they were a gift from the very kind neighbours across the road, so I hope we still qualify! The little girl who used to play with these treasures is now in her middle years of high school and they've been gathering dust.

Today they came to our house and after a family working bee they are happily ensconced in the cubby just waiting for Little Buttons to whip up all kinds of gastronomic marvels! They were made to order by a couple who used to frequent the local markets about 12years ago. They are in near perfect condition and are obviously built to last. What lucky Little Buttons!

For some fair dinkum Flea Market Finds, visit Sophie, here.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Creative Space

This week my creative space is about how a little idea can stay with you and evolve over time. When I was a lass, I had a bit of a thing for Noah's Ark...I worked a few cross stitched pieces and collected lots of plates and embroideries on the theme and as I collected them I always had a notion to use them in a nursery one day. When I was pregnant with my eldest son, I made a Noah's Ark, patchwork, cot, quilt using this little guy to complete the nursery. When the twins came along, the quilt became a wall hanging and my little friend turned up in a canvas.

In a side note, I do hope the twins understand that although they have a very basic, appliquéd animal, blanket (made whilst on compulsory bed rest), it is the mothering equivalent of a patchwork quilt for the firstborn child. I'd hate to think I've created some sort of in utero sibling rivalry requiring hours of counselling. Perhaps I should get started on a couple more quilts just in case.
Recently, he has been revamped, texturised with chenille goodness and modified to be a Cute as Buttons design. I wonder what he'll look like in another seven years? For infinitely more creative doings, pop over and visit Kirsty at Kootooyoo.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thought for Thursday

Do ordinary things with extraordinary love.

When I wander through blogland, I find so many examples of this sentiment. I know when I make from love I am always prouder of the results...I even think the photographs I take in love turn out so much nicer!

Mr Button getting a bit of love because he found a new playground.

This post prompted my choice of quote for today. How loved is that little poppet? There's more love here, and here, and here.

What ordinary things did you do with love, today?

P.S. I've decided to be a bit more relaxed about using photos of my children on the blog. It'll be fine - won't it?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

My treasure today came from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I bought it when I visited New York about twelve years ago with a really, special, friend. It reminded me of the Royal Winton and Peony Ware style of pottery which I quite like. I love the colour, the texture and the size. It is perfect for petit fours at the end of a delightful dinner party or for some little pieces of fudge with a cup of tea. Most of the time it sits on the Precious Things Cupboard but I use it often and it is indeed a treasure.

Thanks to Clare for hosting this game. You can find more treasures over here in Clare's Craftroom.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sometimes the most urgent thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest.
Ashleigh Brilliant

Do you ever read something that seems it was meant just for you? I did when I found this quote. Resting is a part of life that I think we sometimes undervalue. Did you know that Maria Montessori was the first educator to 'recognize children's innate need for intervals of stillness to nourish their inner peace'? (Wolf 2007, via our school newsletter) I think the universe is telling me I need to take care of my own need for rest and inner peace. How about you?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It is birthday time for the littlest members of Button Central. One of our family traditions is a 'birthday suit', so to speak. Each year I make a special shirt for the Birthday Prince or Princess. Some members of the family have quite convoluted requests but Will and Molly were happy for me to decide. I say these models were Cute as Buttons!

Friday, August 13, 2010

BiTM's Night Under the Stars

A fortnight ago, I spent a balmy, winter evening in the wonderful company of the BrisStyle gang in King George Square. As I sit here in multiple layers, wrapped in a blanket and sipping tea, it is a little hard to believe that on that night we were wearing short sleeve tees and I even spotted some shoppers in sundresses and tank tops! It was a gorgeous evening with lots of enthusiastic shoppers who were genuinely excited to discover our handmade treasures beneath the twinkling lights.

At the last BiTM I was part of the Co-Op stall. This time around I decided to set up shop in my own marquee and spread out a little. Nanny Button came with me to help out and she was worth her weight in gold! As the office workers started to make their way through King George Square, the crowds surged and I thought about phoning for reinforcements but we seemed to grow the extra hands required and sailed through the night, footsore but very happy. I did manage to sneak away for a visit to Nan's Garden, Kitty Boo Boo and Mon Petit Poppet. Molly was the lucky recipient of one of Steph's dolls and they haven't parted company since.

You might remember this post about something new I was working on. Well, the Molly Mop Tops were a big success and will now become a standard item in our range. So, Emma from {the handmade amoeba}, please let me know where to send yours as the name you suggested is the one I have chosen! I am also getting ready to post one to the winner of our first, Facebook draw. Best get a wiggle on as it is almost time for another one so sign up if you haven't already done so!
The new, shorter denim skirts with trims and small appliques were also a hit. I have made more summer, denim skirts featuring embroidered butterflies, flowers and cherries for The Handmade Expo's 2nd Birthday next Saturday. I will be letting you know about the birthday special a little later next week. Hopefully next week will see a return to normal programming about here and I will reply to your comments and emails very soon!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Saying Goodbye

It's been a little while between posts because there have been other more pressing things happening in our part of the world. We've been saying goodbye to my Uncle John. I've told you about him before. He was a clever, clever man who worked hard and overcame quite a few obstacles to make a happy and successful life. He pursued his dream to be a carpenter and then his skill and attention to detail saw him become a gifted joiner and restorer. He was most proud of the work he did in restoring Lilyvale Cottage at the Rocks in Sydney, the restoration of the Australian National Maritime Museum, making some of the furniture for the Senate Chambers in the new Parliament House in Canberra, and the restoration of the lifts in the Queen Victoria building in Sydney. He restored his house in Homebush, made beautiful gifts for his family and friends and was a perfectionist in all that he did.

He was the ninth person in Sydney to receive a cochlear implant in his forties and once he had it, he really worked to improve and clarify his speech and make good use of this amazing technology. On the 22nd of August, his sister will receive an award on his behalf, because of his commitment to, and pursuit of, what was quite an adventurous procedure twenty years ago. His family ties were very strong and as our children came along, it was funny to see this confirmed bachelor embracing another generation. He passed away on a bushwalk with his Bushwalking Association and it is comforting to think that the last things he saw were his much loved Australian landscape.

Each day, when I look at the beautiful, chip carved, Celtic clock he made us for our wedding gift, I will remember him. Each year, when I hang the Christmas garland he carved for us, I will tell my Little Buttons some more stories about him. When I think about him, I will smile, because I believe he led a life well lived.