Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in the first post for Cute as Buttons. Cute as Buttons is our newest baby and we spend a great deal of our time nurturing it and helping it grow to all that it can be. When we are not planning, shopping, cutting, sewing, and selling for Cute as Buttons, we are loving and growing our six real babies who range from 1 - 7. We also try to fit in time with our long suffering husbands who have no idea why we are so obsessed with this button business.

We hope that this blog will help us stay in touch with people who love babies and our clothes. It will also give you a chance to view our collections between our market appearances. We are still finding our way with this and hope that you can bear with us as we muddle through. We'd love it if you could post comments and let us know what you think of our clothes and how we are going. We'll also try to keep it interesting by sharing tips, recipes and happy thoughts.

Next time you visit we'll have lots of lovely photos to look at and a great family, friendly recipe for you to try.

Have a happy day,