Monday, November 7, 2011

Road Trip!

Our market presence has been a little thin on the ground this year due to a combination of family life and breaking my arm earlier in the year. It hasn't healed quite as well as we'd hoped and I'm heading off to the specialist this month to see what we can do next. I've tried to stick to indoor markets and ones where I can take a helper to assist with the lugging and hauling which has been a little tricky with the dodgy arm. I was absolutely delighted to be asked to participate in the Christmas in the Country Art and Craft Show in Gatton last weekend. It ticked all the setting up boxes and was run over three days which was also appealing. I've included a few snaps of the day and some of our new products.

It's been a rough year for the folks in Gatton and the surrounding areas. It was quite moving to listen to stories about how the year unfolded and how it has affected them. When epic and tragic events unfold around us, we feel for those involved but our lives quickly return to normal and their lives are forever changed. It may be something as simple as houses that still have half walls and no carpets, house guests that are still living with them or crops that just couldn't be harvested.

I met a remarkable lady who was a fellow stall holder had lived through a year in which her home had been damaged, her family had been displaced for some time, she'd lost her Mum and the crops which are a huge part of their income had been unable to be harvested or of no sale value. On set up day, Thursday, she produced the most formidable array of gorgeous wares, including Christmas Cakes which were sold out by lunchtime. She was beaming from ear to ear and looked energised and vibrant that night when most of us were stifling yawns and wishing for bed. That day, her husband and 29 cutters had harvested the best crop of onions in memory. She beamed with pride and happiness for her husband and I felt a good part of that pride and happiness, too. I felt quite privileged to listen to her talk and share in the experience in some small way. Aside from the Art and Craft Show, it was a chance to meet some excellent people. If you happen to see produce or goods from the Lockyer Valley when you are filling your shopping baskets and trolleys, buy up big! I hear the crops are top notch this season and I know the support is very appreciated.


  1. Beautiful post Lisa. Sounds like a great day with good company. Love your new goodies, need another bub for that cute little bloomers set;)

  2. Oh Lisa, what a fabulous post and how wonderful it was that you could actually spend time talking to people..really wish I had manned my stall now though I probably would have spent the entire time in tears...big sobbing ugly tears not gentle little ones...yep best they were spared that, instead I will buy double the produce from Laidley growers.
    Kiss Noises Linda