Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wonderland and Heaven

Some of our mask making playthings.

Last Friday the little Buttons and I took a trip to Ipswich to put some new stock in
Handmade Heaven. We had a lovely time visiting Liesa and checking out her new treasures some of which made their way to Chez Button! If you are heading to Ipswich, take advantage of our Handmade Heaven special - all the Cute as Buttons long sleeve tees are $15 and at that price, it is a great idea to stock up for next winter.

Once we'd sorted out our business, we wandered over to the Ipswich Art Gallery to check out their I wish I lived in Wonderland exhibit. This interactive artwork is by Rose Skinner and is created from toys, candy, coloured sugar and household furniture. It is a riot of colour and is a bit like a real life Spot That book. We looked, touched, laughed, crawled, rolled, hid and talked our way through Wonderland and finished off by making our own pieces of art from feathers, masks, tulle, paddle pop sticks and straws. The Ipswich Art Gallery has an excellent school holiday program. Their Children's Gallery is the first gallery in Australia, dedicated to children, and is a great way to expose the small fry to the joys of creative arts.


  1. What a perfect day. I think the "crawled, rolled and hid" part sounds like the most fun!

  2. HI Lis
    Thanks heaps for the mention...It is always lovely to see you guys too...Those buttons of yours are growing sooo fast, you must be so proud.