Sunday, September 6, 2009

Have Hook, Can Crotchet

This post has the potential to be a bit long and rambling so apologies in advance to those readers who have short attention spans!
Exhibit A

I've been playing around with a new centrepiece for our Dining Room table. That would be Exhibit A. It is full of things that make me smile: the candle holder was a gift from a favourite pupil as were the poppies; the dish is a souvenir from MoMA and a magical Christmas in New York with a friend who has since passed away. They are all on a d'oyley which was stitched by my Mum and edged by my Nin. It was part of Mum's Glory Box and is one of a set of 3. Mum gave it to me when I moved out of home. I keep walking past it and straightening and touching cause it has given me great joy.

Exhibit B. Image: Rachael Zelensky

Now, please examine Exhibit B which is the inspiration for Exhibit A. I was having a peek at la maison sur la colline which is a soothing, tasteful place to visit and I was very taken with Rachael's post. She helpfully let me know where to buy the chocolate d'oyleys and also the jug which you will note is present in Exhibits A and B. Thanks Rach, very happy with the shopping and the new centrepiece. Could you work on something to gussy up the bathroom next, please?

Exhibit C

Now, may I draw your attention to Exhibit C which is a table runner that I inherited from my Nin. Embroidery is something I've always loved to do and when the Aunties were tidying up Nin's crafting, they put this aside for me to finish and keep. I finished it not so long ago and it is now ready to be edged and this is the point of this post. I can crotchet a chunky woolen blanket without too many dramas but the fine Perle Cotton sort of work that is needed for this treasure is completely beyond my skill level. So, kind bloggy folk. If this is your forte and you are happy to take on a new project, please let me know. I'd really like to try Exhibit A on a completed Exhibit C. I await your reply with bated breath and the theme from Law & Order running through my head!


  1. Need to know more about chocolate doilies!! please.

  2. Lisa if you cant find anyone close to home, my mum would do this for you for sure !

  3. Thanks for sharing.... and also - it is true that teachers have a favourite student - I knew it.. LOL


  4. Chocolate doilies are at Trade Secret at Chermside - also in white. They are actually in white too!

  5. All such beautiful work, thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, my crochet limit is coathanger covers in wool - thanks to my dear Gran who taught me how to do those, I do wish I had of had the love of crafting when she was still around so she could have taught me more. Good luck and I do hope you find somebody to finish it.

  6. Sorry can't help exhibit c...good luck thought, they are beautiful exhibits!
    I will have your table runner ready very soon...I can bring it Sunday?