Friday, August 28, 2009

Thought for Thursday

Wish in one hand, spit in the other and see which one gets full first!
My Nin

So today's thought is not of the genteel, greeting card variety but, it is something I often remind myself and although I am not sure where my Nin heard it, I'd like to give her the credit. The first time I heard it I was completely shocked because I didn't think grandmas were supposed to say things like that! My Nin was my Mum's mum and aside from my Mum, I know no other woman who could come close to being as remarkable as her. She raised 7 outstanding women and wholeheartedly loved squillions of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was 4ft and a bit, and a hard core crafter who always valued and gave handmade gifts. She passed away on Easter Saturday many years ago. Each of her daughters, sons-in-law, grandchildren and great-grandchildren opened a handmade gift, lovingly made by her, that Easter morning.

Nin couldn't abide self pity and if ever she heard someone wishing for straight hair instead of the curls they were born with or for a husband who picked up his jocks, she'd trot out that saying and sort you out quick smart. She was wise on so many levels and of course, now I realise just how wise she really was:
  • She would scoot through the housework in the mornings so she could start her craft and watch her shows.
  • My Gar (Grandad) always took care of the washing which freed Nin up a bit more to work at her craft
  • She believed a cup of tea should always be accompanied with something to eat - preferably after being dunked in the tea
  • She was tiny but had an enormous bust on which she could balance a cup of tea and leave her hands free for knitting
  • She always wore her good knickers when she went out because you never know when you might fall over and you wouldn't want to be embarrassed
  • She never said a bad word about anyone...she'd just stop discussing the person altogether
  • She always told us she loved us and left us with a kiss and cuddle
  • When you were with her you felt like you were her favourite person in the world
  • Family came first
  • She didn't wish her life away - she lived it with love and laughter and beauty
I'd really like to be like my Nin when I grow up!


  1. Lisa, this is what the world used to be like, There arent that many of us left aspiring to be like this!

  2. I think we could all learn a few lessons from your Nin

  3. That's a beautiful story Lisa, thanks for sharing.


  4. thanks for your message lisa. I have had a lovely weekend. I have sat on the ground wherever the kids are and played!! we have made cupcakes and decorated them, sprayed them on trampoline until they say stop and just enjoyed being a mum!! the house is a mess but the kids and I are happy. tomorrow is a new day. I think of you often and your optimism! love it. at the end of the day we have to make the most of things. we only live once! see you soon! deb

  5. I really enjoyed this post too. I love that she even put her ample bust to good use. Thank you for visiting my blog. I did answer your question.