Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Great Birthday Gifts

One of the things I love about my Mum is the value she places on our Family History. She preserves things and loves to share them with us and her grandchildren and remember where we came from. We moved around a lot growing up because of my Dad's work. Mum packed many of these things for 10 moves around half of Australia until she and Dad settled in in what is now our Family Home. Amongst her treasures are the pram and truck I was given for my 1st Birthday. They have great life left in them and it gives me great joy to see my Little Buttons playing with these toys which bring back such happy memories for me.

When I shop for the Little Buttons' presents I want to buy things that are like the pram and truck, that will last for 30+ years and still be great toys. We try to cater to their interest at the time but are always happy when the big ticket item is something that doesn't have a trademark symbol on it. These blocks were a 1st Birthday present for Will. They come in a neat little wooden box and are made by a little man on the Sunshine Coast and sold in an excellent local toy store. (Feel free to email me if you want the details.) There are no bells, whistles or colours, but, they are without a doubt one of the best presents we've ever given. I know that they'll be around in 40 years and I can only hope they continue to provide the same level of entertainment and developmentally appropriate play as they've given the Little Buttons.

Our 5 almost 6 year old Button has been spending hours constructing elaborate castles with these blocks and taking photographs to document his work. I'm very proud of his handiwork. His birthday is looming large and I am canvassing present ideas for long lasting gifts that float a 6 year old boy's boat. All opinions gratefully accepted.


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