Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Boys and Their Toys

There are big things afoot in the Button household. After almost 8 years of living in our house, we decided it was time to call in some professionals and get the front yard landscaped. We live on the side of a mountain and our yard is fairly steep. Who am I kidding - it is ridiculously steep and even the dog avoids running up the hill because it tires him out. I think the small buttons penchant for starting at the top of the hill on their bikes and scooters and flying, helter skelter to the bottom of the hill may have prompted Mr Button to make the necessary phone calls to find someone willing to take on the job.

It started with trucks, rocks, and bobcat on Monday morning and will hopefully draw to a close at the end of the week. The little buttons set up their chairs on the verandah at 7:01am Monday morning and that is pretty much where they have stayed all day. Will is almost 2 and is currently obsessed with machines and Bobby. He has clung to the rails and ooh and aahed his little heart out. The workers have been treated to shouts of Hooray, spontaneous rounds of applause and sundry cars, trucks and favourite toys being tossed over the railing as gestures of his goodwill and appreciation.

This morning it became too much for Will's verbal skills. He could only look on in awe and wonder as the Big Digger and the little Dingo thingy passed each other dirt. He shook his curls and stared at me with eyes of wonder - I knew what he was thinking. "Does it get any better than this, Mum?"


  1. Oh wow can't wait to see it finished

  2. You must be getting close to almost done now?I could imagine how of a WOW experience for your little button!Nice to chat to you on Sunday hope you had a good day too.;)xx

  3. There are two members of our household who would think that was absolute heaven too.