Monday, August 17, 2009


Ahoy there, Blogging Friends! The posts have been a little scarce of late as there have been so many exciting things to celebrate. Firstly, our landscaping is finished and beautiful. We've spent lots of time communing with nature and have had visits from koalas, wallabies and our resident scrub turkeys. I'll show you some pics later in the week.

Secondly, The Handmade Expo turned 1 and we had a great time joining in the celebrations with them at their new home at the Ipswich Turf Club.

Lastly, the little Buttons are 2 tomorrow and we are all geared up to have a whale of a time. I've just finished sewing the buttons on their shirts for tomorrow so thought I'd show you some photos of the finished products. When I was visiting Karen's blog, I noticed the Babushka shirt she made for her littlest girl and thought I'd rather fancy one of those for my Miss Molly. I have changed it a little and incorporated some chenille hair and button eyes. I think she's luscious. I know you've seen Pete the Pirate before but just thought I'd show you Will's birthday version.

Apologies for the dodgy photos...I keep hoping Tania from Myrtle & Eunice or Taryn will conduct a photography lesson via their blogs and help me develop my previously unexplored talent for photography!

I can't believe that those teeny, little 1.5kg bubs are turning 2. How very blessed we Buttons are!


  1. Hi Guys
    Thanks heaps for helping us celebrate our first birthday. Glad that you had a great day. Loving the pirate too by they way. Cooper will be up for one of those


  2. Congrats on your little ones turning two - it flies past doesn't it.
    Love the babushka and the pirate is very cool - unfortunately not much need of an old sea salt like him in my life!

  3. Happy birthday to you two , happy birthday to you two , singing from me may hamper growth development so I'll stop now !

  4. happy bday to your duo! hope they had a fantastic day with lots of pressies...and cake!! :)

  5. Happy 2nd Birthday... nice to see you on Saturday at the Expo - glad you had a great day and we shall see you on 26th September..


  6. Happy birthday to your little buttons!!You must feel good that the landscaping is done now!

  7. Happy Birthday to your babies! I remember your last day at school and the kids were bidding you farewell before their arrival! Time flies! Great new designs, I also spotted a gorgeous little pair of thongs on a t shirt that one of Sharon's girls was wearing yesterday! Too Cute!


  8. Wow! How cute are those appliqués? Cute as...dare I say it...buttons!!