Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Heaven Sent

Handmade Heaven has now been restocked with lots of lovely Cute as Buttons goodies. Our girl singlets are stocked to size 4 and boys to size 2. If there is interest in any big, boy singlets, we'd love to know - just leave a comment at the end of the post. Lots of tees to choose from in sizes 000, 00, 0, 2 and 4.
We have a great range of sizes in the the Christmas shirts and if you see a colour combination in another size and want to order it to suit your Little Button, just let Liesa know and she will pass the information on to us.

Mr Button had to throw his shoulder to the wheel last night and spent a therapeutic couple of hours tying gingham strips to a coathanger to help make our Christmas Hair Tie Display. He wants to know if this qualifies him as a Handmadie - Micky, what is your decision? I must say, he did quite a nice job and once I banned him from using the scissors, things went swimmingly! I'm not sure he'll be rushing back to repeat the effort so it may be a one off original!

More goodies crossed off the Christmas List after my time visiting the shop. Liesa and her Mum have made a Christmas Nook to make your treasure hunting even more fun! Look how many beautiful Christmas things were hiding there today! Christmas shopping made easy at Handmade Heaven, Old Flour Mill, Brisbane Rd, Ipswich.


  1. it looks great!! Cant wait to pop in & check it out!

  2. The display looks beautiful Lisa. I love all the Chrissy goodies, I so do need to get into HH one of these days! Chat soon, smilies:) Kathy.

  3. Oh yay...thanks for visiting Lisa and I am going to let you know that Stuart can now become, officailly, a HANDMADIE. WELL DONE


  4. love your red and white little goodies, and what a beautiful little shop corner you share!x

  5. Hey!!!! I'm thinking Christmas wreaths covered in covered buttons. Not that I need Christmas as any excuse...

  6. Head over to my blog for your award!