Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Dogs are Barking**

Or so my mother would say. After yesterday's post I was awash with feelings of creativity, originality and the virtue that comes with organising presents in a timely fashion. Today I took a little time out to float around in blogland and found dozens of people had already started making birds and what not for Christmas trees the world over and to be perfectly frank, some were even nicer than mine. No, I'm not posting any links, you'll have to go and find them yourselves! Trust me, it won't take long.

I was telling Nanny Button this information and her reply was, "Well, I didn't like to say anything at the time when you were so excited, BUT, we girls (meaning my aunties), did the same thing years ago when you were all babies. Yours are still very nice and the fabric is probably different." So there it is in a nutshell, fashion is cyclical and obviously, so are Christmas ornaments.

I shall not be deterred, however. I have no recollection of such ornaments and that should mean a goodly number of other family members will also have forgotten the last time the pinking shears got a good workout. Production is in full swing!

Here's one of the handmade ornaments we have received in past years. A dolly peg angel. I love her rustic wings and the simplicity of her outfit. I'm going to share a few more over the next few weeks because they are just too nice to keep to myself!

**Rough translation: Everybody is doing it.

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  1. Trust a mother ! Aren't they just the best , I love your little birds .