Sunday, April 25, 2010

We Remembered

Taken from Patrick's Show & Tell for the week:

These are my Grandpa Bob's medals.
He was a soldier in the Vietnam war.
I did not meet my Grandpa Bob.
He is in heaven.
On Anzac Day we will remember him.

And with much love, we did.


  1. Such beautiful words...and what a special little boy. As his Mummy you should be proud...of him for sharing this with his classmates...and of yourself for keeping the memory alive. We are so quick to say "lest we forget" but they are just words without actually taking the time to pass on the memories. Hope you had a special and lovely weekend :)

  2. What a wonderful show and tell- family history is so important. Thank you for sharing this. xo m.

  3. Patrick did a great job , good on him !

  4. I really, really appreciate Anzac Day because I always do remember too - and I consider it my job to pass the remembering on in this neck of the woods.