Monday, June 13, 2011

My Arch Nemesis

Well, the long weekend is almost finished. Ours was delightful and I hope you enjoyed yours. If you've been following this sporadic blog for awhile, you may remember that I purchased one of these last year.

It has been languishing in a drawer up until this weekend. Thanks to this tutorial, I have become very friendly with my arch nemesis and possibly slightly obsessed. I think there may be many more of these to come!

Just quietly, if any Advanced Rufflers can explain why my needle keeps hitting the foot and snapping, I'd be very glad of the advice. I'm not sure if I'm pulling or pushing the wrong way or if I need a heavier needle. Any ideas?


  1. I have a Pfaff and purchased a ruffler last year too. I know with mine I have to place the zig zag stitch plate ( take out single hole plate) and ease off the foot pressure a little. Make sure the ruffler foot is on correctly so it does not 'wobble' and use the hand wheel to slowly bring down the needle. Note its position and adjust (if you have needle position capabilities) so that it is in the centre of the needle hole of the ruffler. You tube have some great tutorials.

  2. I had the same trouble early on with mine and found that the needle started out aligned so it would not hit the ruffler foot at the start but due to the nature of how it works it gradually works its way loose (just a little) but this can be enough to off-centre the needle, make it connect with the foot and snap the needle.
    Try tightening the foot after every few passes or put some blu tack (I know, but it worked!) on the attachment point to help keep it stable.