Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spot On!

Popping in quickly to let you know that Elise Hutton has the sharpest peepers of all the Buttons following the blog. She spotted our new Store tab which links to our website. Elise, you may purchase one of our tees for the grand price of $1! I'll make a special listing for you in the store. Email me with your choice and we'll get the ball rolling.

Did you like playing spotto? I'm going to list some spot bargains in the store over the next few days. I'm calling it market reseach! With changes happening to Facebook, I thought some fun and games might give me an idea of who reads status updates and when they read them. Any tricks to help make sense of the crazy world of Facebook are worth their weight in gold. I am fairly sure 'Lil Red' has eagle eyes and fully expect she'll pop up in the games. She's such an enthusiastic player I would love her to win something!

PS. The photo above will give you a little hint of what to look for in the Store.


  1. oooh, just saw this... am totally bang up for some games!! i have (surprise surprise) not been on fb much over the past week (that's what 2 kids and 3 jobs does to you!) - but now that i know this is happening i'll have to make more of an effort!!

  2. ....and yay elise - well done!!