Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Books and Blankets

I've always been one of those people who need to read before I can go to sleep at night.  It doesn't matter what time I go to bed, I have to read a few pages.  As a result, our collection of books is enormous and continues to grow.  Occassionally I decide to rein in my book purchases and reread one from the existing collection.  Recently I have been rereading a book called The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs.  It sits in the Chick Lit category and my thoughtful husband gave it to me a few years back when I was going through a knitting phase.    

A few years ago when knitting experienced a resurgence and a whole new world of yarn was discovered, I decided to knit rugs for our beds.  You know the kind - cozy, cuddly throws that you can snuggle under when you have a daytime nap or are lying down to read a book.  I made three and then summer came along and the fourth throw has languished on the needles for many winters!  Reading this book again has given me a hankering to play with all those lovely textured wools and so, in spite of the enormous pile of sewing which I need to complete before our next market, I am going to finish this post and let the rhythm of the needles relax me and rest my weary mind.  I might even be brave enough to take the buttons to Spotlight tomorrow and treat myself to some new knitting accoutrements.

I've just discovered that the original book has a sequel....I wonder if the buttons are up to Spotlight and a trip to the book store?  I'll pack a few extra treats in the lunchboxes and we'll soon find out!


  1. The sequel is just as fabulous as the original. I think there;s a third book in the works now too.

  2. Maybe we could do a book swap, these sound interesting!