Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heavenly Delights

Handmade Heaven photo - Miriam

I am sitting in my relatively clean and tidy house, with the lights dim and the candles lit and all is right in my little world. Lighting the candles is my sign that it is OK to relax and enjoy some me time. Tonight I am burning one of my purchases from Handmade Heaven - it is a Golden Vanilla, soy candle made by Red Hot Wicks, the scent is divine and is looks great, too.

I also picked up a lovely Bubba Chenille skirt for Molly in lime and purple, and a cupcake tea cloth and matching napkins from Sweet Tea and Roses.
The shop is looking beautiful and I dare you to walk away empty handed. There are so many delighful things inside I just don't think it is possible to resist their charms!

It has just occurred to me that anyone reading the blog may think I only buy presents for Molly! I also buy gifts for my gorgeous Paddy and Will...but the ones for Molly are usually far more blogworthy! Therefore, I am going to challenge myself to buy some handmade goodies for my handsome lads and blog about them this month!


  1. What a wonderful post, thanks heaps for sharing Lisa


  2. Love the adorable skirt! Thanks for noticing the blog change, I love it. Stop by "The Cutest Blog On The"..the layouts are free!

  3. That skirt is just devine... oh no girls for me though and those beautiful napkins - what a great purchase Lisa... nice work.

    Micky xxoo