Friday, December 25, 2009

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Do you hear:
  • wrapping paper rustling as Mr Button begins his annual ritual of wrestling with the ribbon just prior to bed?
  • the carols from Christmas Eve mass still going through your head?
  • the excited little voices checking just one more time that tomorrow REALLY is Christmas?
  • the hum of the air conditioner?
  • Mr Button, Uncle Button and Mr Button's good mate carrying the ginormous trampoline up the hill from the neighbours into our yard? Have I also mentioned that we live on the side of a mountain?
  • the sound of cool drinks tinkling on ice for the strongmen?
  • Christmas cake being munched?
  • Christmas books being read aloud?
  • the turkey sizzling in the pan, ready for tomorrow's lunch?
  • snuffles and snores from tired little buttons tucked up in their beds?
  • blessings being counted and thankful prayers for the good and beautiful life we live?
Merry Christmas to you who have made such a difference to my days and have brought me so much pleasure. I hope the things you hear fill you with the same warm, squishy sense of contentment that I am feeling. Christmas Blessings and Peace to you and to your families.


  1. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I am smiling at the thought of a trampoline being carried up such an incline ... three cheers for Santa's strong helpers!

  2. What a lovely post Lisa. I hope Christmas days was filled with squeals of delight for that trampoline....makes all that effort sooo worth it! May 2010 be filled with fabulous things for you all.
    Kiss Noises Linda Lilly C