Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flea Market Finds and Family Time

We've just spent a very happy day at my Mum's place in the country. She is, without doubt, the best Flea Market Finder around town and she had a stash of d'oyleys for me to bring home so that I could wash them and give them a new life on some Cute as Buttons clothes.

I won't be using these for Cute as Buttons but we couldn't pass them up as they were just the kind of thing my Nin used to make out of the nylon ribbon that coathanger covers used to be made from. I think she used a loom of some kind and I remember many and varied versions of the basic pattern being made into lipstick purses, toilet roll covers and of course, d'oyleys just like these. They'll go into my linen cupboard after a little TLC.

There was also a gorgeous, squishy dolly for Miss Molly which I shall have to photograph some other time as Mary the doll was far too busy being loved to pose for a photoshoot!

My Mum and Dad built their house on property that was always passed down to the eldest son in each generation in my Dad's family. Our house was built adjacent to the house block where my great, great grandparents lived and the first photo is of some lillies which bloom around the base of the old tank stand whenever we have some wet weather. I love it that these little flowers lie waiting for just enough moisture to pop up and share their beauty. Not strictly a flea market find but I quite like the shot and it is in keeping with the idea of appreciating and finding new beauty in things that once were!

For more Flea Market Finds, please visit Sophie at Her Library Adventures. Many thanks, Sophie for the chance to join in the fun.


  1. That photo is gorgeous, I love your doilies too!

  2. the photo is gorgeous ... and so nice to arrive home to visit your parents and find some vintage goodies waiting for you.

    My Flea Market Find

  3. Lovely doilies how nice of your mum to put them aside for you.