Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

What a week we've had at Button Central. We had such wonderful plans for the weekend. I had Saturday and Sunday markets, Mr Button and the small fry were meeting me at the coast for a weekend of swimming, frolicking and relaxation. All the plans came unstuck and the only outings that occurred were trips to the doctors, pharmacy or local store! It happens like that sometimes, doesn't it? Mr Button decided to strut his stuff in a game of soccer with the kids and finished with a spectacular dive and a startlingly, sprained ankle! As my Mum would say, "It never rains but it pours."

Tonight, new antibiotics are making me smile, Mr Button's foot and drink are on ice. The only people awake are over 1m in height and the room is heavy with relief and calm. I'm about to tuck into my treasure for the week...my first mango of the season. As far as I am concerned, mangoes are a treat and a treasure and my favourite part of summer!

For some less edible treasures, visit Clare over here.


  1. Oh my lot will be so jealous ! I promised them all a mango on the weekend and forgot to buy them , golden treasure . Thanks so much for playing along .

  2. Hope you're all feeling much better soon! We had one of those nasty "when it rains it pours" weeks last week, hopefully yours will pass just as quickly. Enjoy the quiet, rest up and take care xxx

  3. get better ever so quickly! I was sad to not see you on saturday!!

    And I agree! Mangoes = summer !! Love!

  4. slurp! nyom nyom! yummy!
    you should have to try "mangga manalagi".
    its Indonesian mango and its very very very delicious...