Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where Have All My Blog Posts Gone?

Well, I know the old ones are not missing but it has been a 'long time passing' since a new one appeared! What have I been up to, you ask? Well, we've recently acquired a new computer which has taken a wee bit of settling in. I have also been busy marketing and have tended to opt for the quick and easy facebook post instead of blogging. Sometime ago, I agreed to two weeks of teaching which started on Monday. YIKES!!! I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking when I said, 'Yes!', but, we're here now and getting amongst it! Incidentally, the teacher I am replacing is in Rome singing at the cannonisation of Mary MacKillop and I'm ever so excited for him, albeit a little worried as I am also taking his music classes and he's set the standard rather high!

In between my heroic efforts to dry washing and completing twin toilet training, I have been working on these Christmas shirts and also some Pink Ribbon Remembering Tees in adult sizes. You can order any of these via email or Facebook. My current favourite is Santa!

Please note: When discussing toilet training, I've used the term completed in a very loose way!


  1. We cruised through toilet training with the boy , with the girl not so much !!!!

  2. LIsa, you are a domestic goddess and a super woman. I don't know how you do it all.

  3. I feel as though toilet training will never be completed any other way but loose in my house. I love your christmas shirt designs, what sizes will you be selling? Good luck with your two weeks of teaching. I wonder how the stress levels are going for that teacher who agreed to be singing at the cannonisation of Mary MacKillop. He must have an extraordinary voice, what an honour!
    * * *
    Anyway, I have started a funny little game on my blog. And there is absolutely no pressure (I'm not a great fan of tagging games myself, so only participate if it amuses you). I would like to tag you to play 'uncovering the truths about childhood' (no personal information of course). The purpose of this game is to go back in time and rediscover any funny or embarrassing happenings from a chosen age, then share these precious moments with our friends :)

    You can read more about it here . . .

    Cheers, Amanda :)

  4. Oh. Did you say TWIN toilet training? With heroic dry washing attempts?

    May the force be with you.

  5. Great tees for the upcoming season!All the best with the teaching and everything :) x

  6. wow those xmas tees are just amazing, how to have an angel one please!!!!