Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Button Envy

The other day I was visiting Clare's Craftroom and catching up on her news. Her post was a great one all about buttons and the joy they give her. Click here to read the full post. This was a topic close to my heart as Sharon and I LOVE buttons...hence the name - Cute as Buttons. We spend hours sourcing our buttons and even more hours choosing which button to place on our creations. I literally have drawers of buttons and Sharon is the same. When we were making our business sign, my eldest son and his Nan selected and placed each of the buttons in the lettering. He shares my childlike fascination for buttons. My Nin (my Mum's mum) had buckets and buckets of buttons which I think came from a lifetime of recycling and probably from some of her CWL friends. When she died, the buttons were shared amongst her seven daughters and when I have a really special project, this is the button box I go to. This is a wall quilt I made a few years back and I managed to use some of my favourite buttons in the heart. I think of my Nin and Mum whenever I look at it and makes me happy!

When I read Clare's post and the comments, I started to think how much fun it would be to organise a button swap. We select 25 buttons from our collection and send them to someone on the list. Then we could post photos of our creations or just save them for a rainy day. You could do a colour collection, texture collection, crazy collection or just a lucky dip. So, if you'd like to receive a parcel of buttons in the post, leave a comment and I'll start organising. If you want to send and receive more than one parcel of buttons, let me know the number of parcels you are preparing. It will feel like Christmas!


  1. ooooh yes please ! Count me in..

  2. Did you really need to ask , I'm in , thanks sound like great fun mmmmmm wonder if I can really spare any buttons ? LOL LOL