Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, we were blessed with a beautiful day on Sunday.  Sharon met a steady flow of people throughout the day and it was great to catch up with people who had been to the show and came along to Woodlands to have a closer look at the lovely handmade goodies on offer.  

Sharon was running the show solo this weekend.  I was at the hospital with one of my little ones who had to have unexpected surgery.  She has recovered well and was beautifully cared for by the hospital staff.  It is a horrible thing to see a little person going through something traumatic and I feel sorry for the children and families who have been in the hospital for a long stay and are uncertain of when they will be able to go home.

The Designers Emporium has proudly supported the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation through fundraising and special 'kid friendly' market days.  We are happy to be associated with these efforts and will continue to find ways to help fundraise and raise the profile of the good work done by this charity.  

Cute as Buttons began at the Designers Emporium markets at the Everton Park Hotel.  The girls behind the markets have spent the past six months scouring Brisbane for a new venue and will be relaunching the markets with a new name in their new home on June 14.  Pop along to the blog or website so you can be sure to hear any further announcements.  We wait with anxious anticipation!    

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  1. Hi Lisa and Sharon
    Glad that Sharon had a nice time out at Woodlands..
    Glad to hear that Molly is on the mend. We are so lucky really, arent we?

    Talk soon