Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dry and Warm

Image: Flickr

The rain is softly falling on my tin roof tonight.  For most of the day it has been so loud that it has been hard to hear each other speak.  The small fry are tucked up in bed, our night time jobs are done and all is right in my world.  I hope you too are safe and dry and that the rain is not causing you hardship.  

Rainy days always make me want to bake.  Perhaps it is a memory of my childhood when Mum would always have warm cocoa and fresh pikelets waiting for us when we came home from school on a rainy day.  Maybe it is because baking makes me feel like I am taking care of my family and soothes the wannabe Domestic Goddess within.  

We enjoyed this dessert slice after dinner tonight with ice cream.  It is also really yummy served cold as a morning tea slice.  The original recipe uses pie apples and can be found in the second 4 Ingredients cookbook by Kim Mc Cosker and Rachael Bermingham.  I like this variation because it is not quite as heavy and a little less sweet.  Hope you enjoy!

Peach Slice

1 vanilla buttercake packet mix
125g butter, melted
1 400g tin of sliced peaches in natural juice
300ml of sour cream

COMBINE melted butter and cake mix.
PRESS into a slice tin lined with baking paper.
BAKE at 180C for 15 min or until golden brown on top.
DRAIN peaches and reserve 2tblspn of the juice.
SLICE peaches in half lengthwise.
COMBINE peaches, sour cream and reserved juice in a bowl and
POUR over top of cooked base.
SPRINKLE with nutmeg.
BAKE for a further 15min.
SERVE hot with ice cream as a dessert or allow to cool and cut into slices.


  1. Delicious, thanks for sharing. I love your blog, I'll have to keep an eye out for you at upcoming markets.