Monday, May 25, 2009

Time to announce a winner

Well, after a visit to, we have a winner for our Dressing Boys competition.  The winner was entry number 8....Jody from Stick 'n' Giggle.  Congratulations Jody and many thanks to all of you who entered and gave such great suggestions for our boys range.  Sharon and I are busy sketching and chatting and hope to have some of your suggestions ready to launch at our June markets.  Jody will be able to choose from one of our existing designs or, she might like to wait and see what goodies we have to share in June!

Now, if you didn't win this time, why not enter our button swap where everyone is a winner? If you want to be a part of it, just let me know and then I will send you the name of someone to whom you can send 25 lovely buttons and someone else will send you 25 lovely buttons. You can use them to make something marvellous and tell us all about it in your blog, or email me photos and I'll tell everyone about you!  Leave a comment before Friday 29 May to be in the swap.  One lucky button lover will receive a button bonus from me - just to make it more exciting!  

I have to take my little girl back to the hospital tomorrow due to some complications from her recent surgery.  Hopefully, it will be a day trip and we'll be back tomorrow night.  If the blog goes quiet, you'll know that we had to stay a bit longer.  I'm not too sure how her twin brother will take the separation!  His Dad might be in for a rough day with him, tomorrow.  Prayers and good thoughts much appreciated!


  1. Oh I do hope she is OK. We are thinking of you guys.

  2. Yay for Jodes...what a fab girl.
    Sorry to hear about Molly...I hope that she is ok. Thanks for the update. Hope you are doing alrigh too.

    From Liesa