Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Balancing Act

Image: The Blessed Nest

We're walking a fine line at Button Central at the moment. Christmas is not so far away and it would seem the term 'Silly Season' incorporates the whole market bizzo which is happening about the place at the moment. As we head into a weekend of back to back markets, I'm trying to balance my desire for a clean and tidy house, my desire for sewing time and my desire to just sit and 'be' every now and then. We're doing OK at the moment. You can see the floors, no one is about to contract botulism or the plague, the stock piles are looking respectable and Mr Button and I are enjoying a quiet cup of tea on the lounge. I'd tentatively like to say we're on track. (Touching wood and crossing fingers as I type)

One reason is because I popped into this blog and had a bit of a read last week. Lots of very good commonsense ideas for navigating your way through crazy patches. I've opted to reinstate my menu planner, weekly organiser and I'm cleaning up one thing a day that bugs me...like a cutlery drawer or something along those lines. How do you keep the wheels on the bus when life becomes crazy and frantic?

You could always pop into the BrisStyle Twilight Market or The Handmade Expo and tell me in person on the weekend.


  1. Oh it's quite mad around here at the moment too! I'd be one of the worst people to give advice on how to keep it all running smoothly... thank goodness the man does that, or we'd all be lost!

  2. Yay....have fun at Brisstyle and we look forward to seeing you bright and early tomorrow morning.