Monday, November 8, 2010

Clearing the Cobwebs and Karlas

During my recent stint of full time teaching, Button Central descended into a bit of a cesspool! No, I'm not just saying really was quite a tip. I literally had to ask people to step over the boxes and market goods as they made their way into the house and finding them a place to sit involved wild sweeping movements across the couch to remove miscellaneous bits and then a fair amount of toe poking to shove the stuff from the top of the couch underneath the couch so the guest had somewhere to put their feet. I don't function well in makes me dither.

Yesterday, after a family outing I press ganged the Buttons into action and we had a major clean up, a bit of furniture reorganisation and a big toss out. Order restored, I lit the nice candles and cut some Lemon Myrtle branches for the vases. It lifted the literal and the imagined cobwebs and I felt ready for action so I tackled the Made for Me towel order list. I've cut out all but 3 of the names for the girl towels and tonight I'm starting on the boys.

I even squeezed in a bit of train track building along the front verandah with the two Littlest Buttons. As they were busy tootling along the tracks, I noticed a visitor in one of our trees. She'll probably move tonight but today she was lovingly spied upon and chatted to. Will is very fond of 'Karlas' so I'm hoping she picks another one of our trees to munch tomorrow.

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