Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thought for Thursday

Hey, I don't have all the answers. In life, to be honest, I failed as much as I have succeeded. But I love my wife. I love my life. And I wish you my kind of success.

Dicky Fox – Jerry Maguire

With all the end of year hoo-har that is happening about the place, I find myself reflecting on things that have happened this year, where I'm at and where I want to go. When I first watched Jerry Maguire, longer ago than I care to remember, this quote stuck with me. I remember having quite an in depth conversation with some of my cousins about what it is to succeed and the need to match our values with our measure of success.

I think, at this time of year, we can sometimes get quite caught up in really crazy measures of many presents are wrapped, how many jobs are ticked off on the Christmas list, when you mailed your cards...IF you mailed your cards. It's good to take a minute and just remember what success really means for me. How about you?

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  1. Certainly is a personal expectation, and I know for myself the expectation is a high one, and I also know I am too hard on myself sometimes too. Some people it is with a clean house, some people it is knowing people hold them in high regard and respect, success can be happy children, good cook. Success to me relates to my ability not only be a mum but be me too. Balance to me means success and it is hard to achieve. But I keep striving for balance, striving for what I call success. Does that makes sense??!!