Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thought for Thursday

We don't have to move mighty mountains,
We don't have to swim stormy seas,
We don't have to change the world overnight,
We don't have to do famous things.

Wherever we are, whoever we meet, in everything we do and say,
If we get in the groove and let the spirit move,
We can make a little difference every day!

This song is a bit of a fave around our house. Today when I was having a bit of a moment about some domestic mess, my 6yr old button reminded me that I just had to make a little difference everyday and all would be well. What a wise owl and a dear little boy.

So, that is the difference I'm claiming today - I took my son's advice and found my groove! What was the little difference you made today?


  1. Old head on young shoulders ! Sometimes they say the right thing at just the right time . Not usually in crowded supermarkets though , lol !

  2. Lovely words to share and live by... our kids can teach us so much, can't they. Thanks for the reminder ;)

  3. I love those words. Just what I need today to. Thanks.

  4. What a great little post Lisa;)