Thursday, October 15, 2009

Many Hands

It was busy in Button Central this morning. Mr Button left for an appointment at 6am, it was our turn to do the school run and at 8:07am it became apparent that the school shoes would not last another 7 weeks until the end of term. In fact, they wouldn't even last one more day thus necessitating the dropping of sundry Schoolers and their bags at school and continuing on with the small buttons and School boy button to purchase new shoes.

Luckily , the small buttons put their shoulders to the wheel and they hopped in and made our bed while I was trying to force the too big feet into the too small shoes.

I quite like what they've done with the pillows, although, there may be a few more than usual on the bed. I hope sharing a bed with all those Wiggles doesn't discombobulate Mr Button!


  1. That bed looks a bit like my Ella's today lol

  2. hey did the wiggles get out of your bed before you hopped in?! :)