Sunday, October 18, 2009

Super Pops Entry

Number of days since purchase of this rug - 11.

Average age of artists collaborating on this project - 2yrs 2 mths.

Expletives uttered by Mr Button - 73.

Look on Mrs Button's face - apoplectic.

Dear SuperPops,

Please accept this as the Button family entry in your recent giveaway competition. I believe it to be the artists' impression of the chaos from which you produce your crafty goodness. At this stage they are not available for comment.

The artwork is on a fairly large scale and only a small portion is shown in this photograph but we believe it accurately conveys the intent of the artists.

You should be aware that this was not our first choice for submission. The older brother of said artists had committed to this project but he is a bit miffed as their choice of medium was the new rug in his bedroom. He has, understandably, withdrawn from the project until further notice.

Kind regards,

Mrs Button.


  1. heheee..looking forward to a glimpse of it. well done in coordinating the artist in residence program to create "Superpops".

  2. Is it wrong to cack myself laughing????

  3. You forgot to list how many hours it took to clean the

  4. No exactly how you feel!!! little people hey! New Lounge had no stripes on it when we got it!!
    Why did we get a cappacino coloured lounge I do not know!!!!

  5. oh dear ... you have to laugh and cringe at the same time

  6. Oh no, I don't know whether to laugh or send sympathy.

  7. Oh dear!
    This will be a particulary funny tale to recount if either of them become an artist in later life...

  8. Hooley cadooley. Those markers look sort of permanent.

    On the upside (she types breezily) they sort of colour co-ordinate. You could just ask those wee ones to have a bit more of a go so that it all looks a whole lot more, um, deliberate.

  9. I told you not to leave those textas there!! Well maybe I didn't but I am sure someone somewhere said it!!! hehe

    xo Steph

  10. Oh dear, oh dear! A wonderful post on a tricky situations! Mr Button did well to only get to 73.

    I wonder if a professional carpet cleaner could get that out? Maybe you could ring one and ask?


  11. Oh I'm sorry but this is so funny. I love this version of Super Pops, it is very ...abstract! so