Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Market Day

The anxious shopkeeper

Saturday saw an early start for my 6yr old Button. He decided to join me at The Handmade Expo in Ipswich. He was great company and quite helpful and he had sold out of his homemade fudge by 9:30am which made him as pleased as punch. Luckily, Nanny was there to chaperon him around the market and help keep him entertained. He loved the World Record Attempt at Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and also the rides and face painting. He found a little stall where he could select and make his own badge which kept him entertained for a goodly while and he's already planning which ones to make next month. It was a great date!

The new hair pretties

We had a lovely shady spot

We tried making shopping easier for the Button Buyers and arranged the stock in areas...Girls, Boys and They Don't Know Yet, which seemed to go quite well. We also resurrected the Jolly Green Giant which Sharon's handy, husband made for us last year to display our Christmas Lovelies. We had some coloured Christmas shirts, as requested, but they went quickly so get your orders in early. If you are an Ipswich local, let us know what you want and we will send it to Liesa in Handmade Heaven. She'd love you to visit the shop and make a head start on your Christmas shopping.

The Green Giant returns

We came home with a cute birdhouse from The Original Eumundi Birdhouse Co. and we are still in discussion as to it's permanent home. For now, it seems to be occupied.


  1. So glad you went well your stall looks great ! I would have bought some of that fudge .

  2. Your stall looks lovely. Isn't it cute when the kiddies want to come along and play shopkeeper.

  3. Your site did look pretty good Lis and everytime I walked past there were people there - it was like a little buzzing precinct in your area. Your christmas stuff is devine too - I will be purchasing at Handmade Heaven for sure for my boys...


  4. The stall looks great Lisa. Can't wait to see everything in the flesh on Friday night! Are you madly working getting ready like me, or all organised? Looking forward to seeing you then.

  5. glad that you had a great day...OH and tell Patty that the fudge was very very nice


  6. your stall looks fantastic!
    christmas looks set to be a crazily busy for you, goodluck.