Friday, October 9, 2009

A Beautiful Gift

Last time I was at the Boutique Markets, I received this beautiful table runner from Sandrine Marsh. She posted about an idea she was trialling and I placed an order for one. At the end of market day, she presented me with this piece of art and asked me to give her some feedback. Life became a bit crazy around here and I neglected to get back to her. Sorry Sandrine! Your beautiful gift did make me smile each time I walked past my table and I am very grateful.

The linen is soft and has a lovely organic feel and appearance. I love the splashes of green felt which look so like gum blossoms. I've enjoyed filling a vase with gum leaves and using it as a centrepiece on our table. Due to the high consumption of spaghetti bolognaise and the appalling table manners of the Little Buttons, any centrepiece on our table needs to be quickly swept aside or suffer the consequences. We have whisked this piece of loveliness down to the end of the table and, on occasions, Mr Button has balled it up and plopped it on a chair. Lucky for him it doesn't wrinkle and just settles right back down and gives our table a class and serenity it certainly doesn't experience at mealtimes!

It would make a beautiful gift and because Sandrine makes each piece by hand, the gift would be unique to the recipient. The next Boutique Markets are on Sunday at Portside between 8am and 1pm and will be a great chance to start your Christmas shopping. I know 2 lucky people in our clan who will be receiving one of Sandrine's table runners for Christmas. So, if you're reading Sandrine, whip out that sewing machine!


  1. Oh thank you Lisa so much for letting me know how you liked your little table runner.It looks absolutely at home on your lovely table and I love the gum leaves over it is just stunning!See you Sunday then;)xx

  2. Sandrine does some wonderful things with felt! The gum leaves set your runner off perfectly.