Sunday, July 18, 2010

Market Wrap Up

Oh my, it was a cold and frosty start to The Handmade Expo, yesterday! I am sure that readers from the southern parts are scoffing at the notion and thinking I should toughen up, but, it was so cold, the clever Kellie Christie was wearing gloves when she stopped by to say 'Hi' and I lost count of the number of buttons I dropped because my fingers couldn't hold onto them. Like most Queensland, winter days, it soon became gorgeous and sunny. As the sun came up, the visitors arrived and enjoyed the sights and smells of the Expo.

It was great to catch up with some of my new facebook likers in person and I really appreciated the feedback on the new designs and fabrics. Steph's bunting was oohed and aahed at appreciatively and served as a nifty little distraction for the toddlers while the Mummys shopped. You really must make some more of these, Steph. I'll have to take orders soon!

Mandy and Susan, the Little Buttons gobbled their Gingerbread Pops with great glee and Mr Button would like to congratulate Debbie of Fudge du Ciel on another sterling batch of fudge.

After a day of cuddling, playing, baking and tidying Button central is almost ready for the week ahead. I'll be popping up to visit Liesa in Handmade Heaven to drop off some orders and to restock the Cute as Buttons corner later in the week.

My brain is already ticking with ideas for the BiTM which is not too far away and when the amazing Deb from Denim by Deborah recovers from her weekend of walking we'll have some other exciting market news to share. After walking 96km in 29hrs, we'd better give her until Thursday to recover and we'll tell all then!


  1. It was so cold yesterday morning I snapped a sewing needle! I have never snapped a needle before! I beleive it was only 2 degrees!

  2. It was great to see you and have a good chat! Glad to hear you had such a good day. I was very thankful for the gloves :) It was bloody freezing!! See you at BiTM

  3. At least we are now just over 1/2 of winter ! I'm glad you still enjoyed your day , it's always nice when the sun comes out .

  4. Having lived in Melbourne I can back you up and say that Ipswich mornings can be just as cold as Melbourne mornings... but... our homes lack central heating. So really, we're probably tougher. : )

  5. Cant wait for your news! Glad you had a great day!