Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday Treasures...just a touch late.

Thanks for thinking of this little game, Clare. I love looking at your treasures and this week I am going to share one of mine. My Godfather and his wife made this for Mr Button and I when we were married. We repainted the hallway just before our twins were born and it has been languishing in the spare room waiting to be reinstated on our wall. Shamefacedly and sotto voce she admits that the twins turn 3 in August. When I found it today I did indeed greet it like a lost treasure!

It's a framed version of a song called Five Little Pennies and has five highly polished Australian pennies along the side. I'm fairly certain Uncle Kev used to do a fair rendition of the Danny Kaye version of the song at family BBQs but you can listen to it here.

It's a treasure because of the time Uncle Kev spent sourcing pennies and scientifically trialling the best means of polishing them to such a glossy finish.
It's a treasure because of the time my Aunty Marg devoted to mastering clip art and word processing!
It's a treasure because it is a beautiful wish to make for a couple as they start their life together.
It's a treasure because it was given with great love!


  1. Oh how lovely it is a true treasure ! Thanks for
    playing along .

  2. Lovely reading about your little treasure!x