Monday, July 5, 2010

Flea Market Finds and Giveaway Time!

We are back from our country jaunt and enjoying a cruisy holiday mode which is a pleasant change from the hurly, burly of the school term. When I checked the blog, I was a wee bit excited to see that we were perched at 99 followers. After a luscious, Sunday lunch in the country, Andrea fromOnstage Entertainment leapt on the keyboard and took us up to 100! Next time you are looking for entertainers for a function, give them a call. I've been hoping to get to that number because it seems that in blogland, a giveaway is the customary way to celebrate this milestone so here is mine:

The prize is:

An item of your choice from the Cute as Buttons range.
Some buttons and trim so you can make and play.
Something special from the BrisStyle BiECO which I will select on Saturday.

All followers are welcome to enter. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what you would like to win from the Cute as Buttons range. The competition will be open until 11am on 11th July. I will find some highly interesting, random,way to select a winner. Chances are it probably will be nowhere near as entertaining as this or this.

Andrea, you win a prize because you were number 100. Kate, you also win a prize because you prompted the joining! Let me know what you would like for your wee ones. I would like to say a great, big THANKS, to all those lovely folk who follow and leave comments. I am chuffed and delighted to have you around.

I'd best tell you about my Flea Market Find for the week. It comes with a bit of a mystery. It is an old travelling trunk which my Mum picked up in her fossicking. It seems to be made of a light wood covered in some sort of heavy canvas. The handles are thick, leather and the second photo is of the label inside the trunk. We'd love to know what the AFC abbreviation on the front represents. I've done a bit of googling but haven't turned up anything concrete so far. If you've got any ideas, please share them as we'd love to know a bit more about Lieutenant C.K. Evans.

For more fossicked treasures, visit Sophie at Her Library Adventures.


  1. hELLO and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - i love love love the trunk - that is absolutely priceless!

    i think the AFC is 'Australian Flying Corps' which is the air force pre WWII?

    You could try an abc 'Can We Help' if you wanted the trunk to go home to his family.... or you could just look after it and feel very lucky and stay hush hush!

  2. well done!!
    sounds like a great weekend & that chest is amazing!! that is one treasure I definitely would have not left behind.
    happy week Lisa ♥

  3. Oh my that case is amazing ! Glad you had a great holiday too .

  4. Congrats on 100 followers :) I can't wait for BiECO, I will be on the co-op. I love a chance to win one of your boys t's. The pirate and the aeroplane are very cool. See you Saturday!

  5. what a great trunk... I have an old trunk that belonged to my grandpa in his army days, one of my special possessions.
    By the way, I love your range - really like those appliqued rainbow dinosaurs!

  6. I really love your butterfly shirts!
    but i need a rainbow shirt...any chance?

  7. Congratulations to the whole Buttons team!
    I would love to win one of your sweet boys appliqued tees to give to one of my nephews.

  8. That is an amazing find! I was going to guess Air Force something or other but Spectacularfairywren sounds like they have a better knowledge of these things. Congrats on achieving your milestone - and beyond! : ) Oh yes, any buttony thing would be lovely if I happened to win.

  9. Welcome back Lisa:) I just realised I am not a follower of your blog! An oversight I have rectified as of immediately, not to win of course, but because I love what you do and checking in with your lovely posts:) Congratulations on your many followers and good luck with your giveaway!

  10. Lisa - here I am at number 103!! Pipped by Andrea... can you believe it!

  11. Yay I won something. You choose, it's all gorgeous. Thanks for the plugs.

  12. From Cooper Gifford

    Hi Weesa....i am a 2 year old little boy and I am your biggest fan and i would love to win anything in a size 2 to or something that has boy things on it. I love trains, dinos, planes, chooks, bikes, my mummy and my daddy, my nanny and my poppy oh and everything that boys like. Thats all I can think of.
    Tanks Lisa
    From Pooper (cooper)


  13. Looking up the WWI Nominal Roll (online) at the National Archives, I found one possibility - 2nd Lieut. Clive Kerslake Evans from Rockhampton. Born 10th September 1897. He was uni student or graduate from the University of Queensland doing a B.Sc. He enlisted either 7.12.1917 or 8.1.1918 - there seems to be both dates on his papers. After some training here, he arrived in England June 1918. I don't know if he saw action. There was one interesting page - he may have enlisted in WW2. Were there any clues in the case - any numbers or unit identification? Anway you can view the nominal roll online. You might find other possible men.
    I do wonder why this treasure (and it is a treasure) was on a flea market stall. It is in very good condition for over 90 years old.
    I am very GLAD it was rescued!

  14. Wow why have I only just found this! That trunk is amazing.
    Hmm what would I like to win... A towle for Mr T!
    Jodie from Fluffy changes.