Sunday, June 27, 2010

Be Back Soon

Yesterday was a great day at The Handmade Expo. Lots of customers wandering through and my favourite addition to the stallholders - Jeff and his woodfired pizzas! Happily, Micky assures me he will be back next month. The new tractor and train designs rolled out the door so quickly I wasn't organised enough for a photo. I'll try to snap a few this week.

It will be a bit quiet around these parts until the end of the week. We are packing up the buttons and dog and heading to my Mum's place for some country style R & R. It is also my nephew's birthday so we are going to be part of the shenanigans. His Mum has organised a Mad Scientist party which will be a hoot. Happy Birthday Dom, my beautiful godson! May your year ahead be joyful and blessed.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend and if you are on school holidays, RELAX!


  1. Have a great time ! The party sounds like fun !

  2. Hope you had a great time Lisa!x

  3. Lovely blog!
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    Laura from Italy