Monday, June 14, 2010

Didn't We Have A Lovely Day?

Thank goodness it is a Public Holiday in my neck of the woods today. Yesterday was a wonderful, completely exhausting day and we needed a little bit of recovery in the form of a long weekend. It was the Kids and Pets Big Day Out at the Boutique Markets at Hamilton. Quite literally, every man and their dog was there to join in the fun. Mr Button, the Little Buttons and Nanny Button also came along. The petting zoo was a hit and so were the crazy antics of the balloon, bending man. We were also lucky enough to be beside Marcus the guidedog who was patted and admired often and well by the young and old alike.

Part of the programme for the day was a fashion parade. We tried to prepare the little ones for the event by chatting about what would happen. We practiced walking down the red carpet when no one was watching. We got ready with time to spare so no one was rushed or stressed. We were somewhere in the middle of the pack so they could watch and see what they needed to do. Leasl announced it was our turn. Two of the Little Buttons sashayed their way down the carpet with big smiles, but, the third was nowhere to be found. Will decided to take to his heels and was found in the dressing tent stripping himself to his nappy. It would seem some of us are just not meant to be in the spotlight!

Image: Renee
Happily, we did manage to get some clothes on him a bit later. He even made a brief appearance on the red carpet albeit to kiss one of the canine models. My crew stayed around to help me pack up and thanks to a brief tutorial from Jules of Earthly Jewels, Mr Button has now mastered the art of dismantling a marquee. This is a skill I intend to put to great use. It really was a lovely, happy, day!


  1. Sounds like a really fun day!!

  2. Sounds like the best market ever! Enjoy your deserved rest time now !x

  3. Way to go Buttonses! (PS. Especially impressed by all that marquee skill bizzo)...

  4. HI Lisa

    I sent you through an email about the wreaths in your top photo. I hope you received it? Cheerio!