Friday, June 4, 2010

My Creative Space

I am trying to multi task tonight with my preparations for tomorrow's BiDM and some sweet making for our School Fair on Sunday. In the BiDM corner of the house you will see lots of this:

and a bit of that:

In the School Fair neck of the woods you will see some of this:

and a LOT of that!
Must remember not to mix the two areas up as I am sure people will not take kindly to blobs of caramel fudge on their newly purchased goods! Please note: Mr Button would like to be credited as the maker of the caramel fudge. He has thrown himself into the maelstrom that is our kitchen and is saving the day/putting his shoulder to the wheel/making his wife love him a wee bit more.

Visit the Kirsty the queen of creative spaces here to catch up with lots of other wonderful folk.


  1. Everything looks wonderful! And a hubby that can make are one lucky lady! Best of luck (and heaps of sales) for your market :)

  2. Sounds like a busy and fun weekend! I hope you have a great day tomorrow. Thanks for giving 3 litle hearts a home!
    Kiss Noises Linda
    p.s. what would we do without our wonderful husbands...their Mothers should be proud...hopefully my boy child will grow up the same!

  3. Hope you are sharing this fudge amongst your friends tomorrow !!!!!!!

  4. have a fun weekend, sell lots & enjoy that wonderful looking fudge. (yay for Mr B)