Thursday, July 30, 2009

Feeling Hoppy!

Thanks for all the lovely feedback on the blog changes. I did make the link colour slightly darker as some people were finding it a little hard to read. I'm still a bit surprised when I arrive at the blog and I find I keep walking past the computer to admire the prettiness.

A couple of posts ago I told you that I won a prize in Clare's giveaway and on Monday it arrived. I have to admit I've been playing hookey from the blog to enjoy the magazine that was part of my prize and I'm going to embark on some of the projects that were inside. Firstly I have started to put together some fabrics to make up Clare's pattern for Frances, as requested by one of the Buttons. Clare also sent a 'Pin the Lips on the Frog' game which has caused many a gleeful giggle about the Button abode. The game and my Big Boy Button are off to Prep tomorrow to liven up News time! I am imagining his classmates rolling around the carpet guffawing and making kissing noises and shall refer the teacher's thanks to you, Clare! Hard to pick a favourite part of this lovely parcel, but, I did make a little squeak when I saw the bag of buttons! I have already used some of them on hair ties, Clare and it was a really thoughtful gift.

I shall proudly post my Frances when completed. Does this count as a softie? Softie making is new territory for me and I shall boldly know how it finishes.


  1. What a great gift! The new blog look is very pretty indeed, and the darker pink links are perfect now.

  2. I've just discovered that magazine... it's fantastic! I've made the little monster toy for a friend's new bub. It's very cute.

  3. Hi Lisa , so glad you are enjoying your win . I'm really looking forward to seeing your completed Frances .

  4. Ooooo, can't wait to see Frances when he/she is finished.