Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Let me start by showing you a photo of Cooper. Cooper came to visit us at the markets on Sunday with Liesa and as I mentioned yesterday, was doing a grand job of modelling one of our new designs.

Now, let me refer you to Liesa's Handmade Heaven blog. It seems Cooper decided to stretch his Mum's parenting skills on Sunday and she has appealed to fellow bloggers to find the best way to handle this kind of thing. On the topic of Toddler Tantrums, sadly, I have nothing of real value to offer except to say that I do try to keep smiling and also to chuckle knowingly. I do this in the vague hope that onlookers will think I am still in control of my child and not about to burst into tears and sit in a corner rocking to and fro.

The little Buttons all have different approaches in their tantrum throwing. Paddy's have always been loud and dramatic and are a bit like a summer storm - over quickly without too much damage. Molly is showing a tendency towards hissy fits and is doing a fair impression of hair tossing and crocodile tears at which point Mr Button totally caves and she gets whatever she wanted. Will started early with the tanty throwing and would lay on his stomach and wail whilst beating his hands and legs on the ground but he seems to have developed a more sophisticated and enlightened approach of recent times. These days, if he is being taken in a direction he no longer wishes to go, he just drops to the ground like a log and refuses to move. There is usually no warning that this is about to occur until your shoulder pops out of it's socket or the shoppers behind you start falling over his prostrate body and cursing parents who can't control their children. He doesn't make a sound, just looks up at you with those magnificent blue eyes and waits for your next move. I think he'll make a great chess player because he's usually two or three moves ahead of his parents.

If you feel like a great giggle at another Dad's expense, check out this blog. We're heading out for haircuts tomorrow and I really hope our experience is different to his!


  1. Ah Lisa you're so funny ! What young mums dont seem to get is that , although this is distressing at the time, before you know it you're kids will be 29 and you'll wonder where all the time has gone and the tanties pale into insignifigance !

  2. Cooper is famous and so very very cute. As I have said many a time, he is a massive Buttons fan.
    It was nice to hear from everybody about Coopers little tanty, he is well and truly over it now...Me, I am not sure how long it will take me..I can't say that I have moved on, cause I am still talking about it. LOL.
    What a wonderful post.
    Happy Parenting everybody

  3. I reckon I have been dealt an extremely valuable gene. Believe it or not, tanties, whether public or otherwise very rarely faze me at all. Unfortunately, this is not a calm consistent with any other part of my personality. Sigh...

  4. ...uhmmm Parenting...I still remember when the girls were small my hubby approach use to be hillarious!He used to walk out of the shopping centre leaving me there...the girl on his shoulder feet kicking away to the car where he would wait for the noise to stop!!!Then they would came back happyli looking for me!!;) I am surprise he was never arrested on his way to the car!!Cooper is very cute;)

  5. Lets all throw ourselves on the ground and chuch a tanty too... LOL