Thursday, July 2, 2009

Straight to the Precious Things Cupboard

Howdy, Strangers. I've been absent a bit this week due to school holiday merriment. We've been up to our armpits in playdough, duplo and little people (of the Fisher Price variety). In my spare time I've also had a bit of catch up sewing to get on with so I've had to spell the blog for a few days.

Thanks for your enquiries regarding Mr Button's recovery. Both families are well and enjoying the Autumn weather. Your kind words have been appreciated. We've also appreciated some super posts by our blogging friends who've made us feel loved and honoured. Thanks to Rachael from Boutique Markets, Micky from Handmadies and Liesa from Handmade Heaven. Pop over and see what these lovely ladies have to say. It is gratifying to know that you like what we do.

Tonight's title is a very bad take on a classic line from the iconic film, The Castle. In the Kerrigan's home, anything of note went straight to the poolroom. We Buttons do not have a poolroom, but, we do have a Precious Things Cupboard. Said cupboard is a silky oak sideboard on which reside a number of beautiful things which are precious for all sorts of reasons. The oil lamp my Dad used to do his homework by, figurines given to us to celebrate our babies' births and candles in bowls I've found in odd places and lots of other treasures. It often is home to a beautiful drawing, a playdough sculpture or an intricate lego construction. We have a very fluid definition of precious and at the moment, it is also the home of my new cordless mouse!
Now, I am sure that the wonder of a cordless mouse is not a new thing for many of you but it is a thing of wonder and rare beauty to me. I cannot believe how much easier this natty little gadget has made my life. It would seem I have made a reasonable amount of fuss about this new addition to our home, as during a quick tidy up, my 51/2 year old button decided the most fitting place for this little critter was right on top of the Precious Things Cupboard. Looks right at home, doesn't he?

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  1. Hee hee too funny!
    The cordless mouse is fabulous indeed - just think how much faster you'll be able to blog now.