Monday, July 6, 2009

Small Miracles, M'dear

When I started teaching, there was a much experienced, extremely talented and highly revered teacher on staff who was a cross between the Queen and your favourite aunt. She always wore stockings, had her hair set weekly and could find the beauty and intelligence in every student who entered her room. If you asked how her day had been, she would reply, "Achieved small miracles, m'dear, small miracles." My very dear friend and I were quite taken with this expression and it has slipped into our vernacular. If ever I hear that she has been achieving small miracles, I know it is my duty to make a cup of tea and take the emergency Christmas cake out of the freezer ready to sustain her when she arrives. It goes without saying that she would do the very same thing for me.

Yesterday was certainly a day for the Christmas cake to defrost. I really achieved small miracles. I needed to move my creative space/sewing paraphenalia from the corner of our bedroom. To do that, I cleaned, tidied, rearranged and reorganised no less than 3 bedrooms, our lounge room and the PLAYROOM. Please remember, this room is home to the accumulated toys of 3 small children and I did this while they were helping me! I am generally a fairly organised person and try to keep a handle on the domestic scene, but, by jingoes, what a day. It was all worth it. The 51/2 year old button loves his rejigged bedroom and feels like he has a space to play with all his non toddler friendly lego, Mr Button can retire at night without feeling the need to consult the sewing schedule and the lounge room has had a revamp and now includes a small play nook for the small fry.

The Playroom is a triumph. I am happy to report that all 43 of our puzzles are completed and have no missing pieces. After a little bit of creative rearranging, I have taken over a third of the room and have used the Cute as Buttons screen to tidy away the sewing corner when it is not in use. I would love to do some daytime sewing so I am hoping the twins will play with their things and I can play with my things! I do hope none of you were hurt as you fell off your chair laughing at that last comment.
My new roomates seem surprised to see me!

It is not finished yet...needs painting and some pretty things on my wall. I am also going to put a table and chairs in the centre of the rug like the cute one at Beach Vintage...her creative space is gorgeous. Mine is on the way! It was a pleasure to sit and sew tonight!


  1. I am inspired to achieve a small miracle today.

  2. What a motivation you are... I have been trying to create any kind of space in my house for 8 years now, so you never know - I might achieve a small miracle on the weekend... What a great story.
    P.S. My mum will laugh at my post when she reads this!


  3. I need one of those small miracles to happen at my house - it currently resembles the garbage tip!

  4. Not long ago I transformed our formal dining into my sweatshop, my house was always covered with Fabricated STUFF!!. so now it is all tucked away with everything set up and ready to rock. Might I add it is so untidy (but of course i know where everything is!!!!) and the rest of the fam has stopped whining at me! You will now get so much more done and made ( when small buttons are asleep!) See you sunday!

  5. Congratulation for you little miracle;)Hope you will enjoy playing with your things!;))))NO it is ok I am not bruised!:)))

  6. Oh, how wonderful is the new space? Congrats on that. And I LOVE the phrase "small miracles" I am about to embark on a teaching career, and I shall ensure to use this tried and true phrase :)

  7. Mr Buttons greatly appreciates the wonderful efforts of his wife to relocate the "sewing room" from our bedroom. Must be time for a good night sleep!!

  8. How wonderful for you! I must say, I do love Stuart's comment.. whom I'm assuming is Mr Buttons. I don't think my DH would handle the sewimg machine in our bedroom, I'm quite known for sewing at 3 in the morning.