Monday, July 20, 2009

What a Weekend!

It is really pleasant to be sitting and catching my breath tonight after a big week and an even bigger weekend. After replenishing the stock last week, we packed up the whole Button bunch and headed off to Nanny Button for the weekend. My Mum lives about half way between Brisbane and Warwick and, while I braved the frosty weather for Warwick's Jumpers and Jazz Festival, the little buttons and Stu played on the farm and frolicked with the cousins.

Warwick was cold but very, very friendly and my day was all the more pleasant because I spent it in the company of the min nah Girls, Cassie and Rachael;

(come back tomorrow for a photos of the min nah creations on the Littlest Buttons)

Linda and her husband from Lilly Cottage;

My first purchase of the day was from Linda, a gorgeous d'oyley basket which I couldn't resist and gave to my sister. Linda treated me to one of her little cupcakes at the end of the day aren't they divine? It is looking very happy on my tea trolley and I just might have to pop over to Lilly Cottage and snaffle some friends for it! Linda is having a giveaway at the moment so pop over to her blog for a chance to win.

Lori was also great company throughout the day and she has stolen my 51/2 yr old button's heart with her Lemon Butter. Of course The Handmade Expo Girls are always great company and their personalities are as warm and bright as their matching min nah beanies!

After a good night's sleep at Nan's and as many quick cuddles as I could squeeze in with the various buttons, I was back in the car and headed to City Hall for Mathilda's Markets. It was such a busy day that I don't have a photo to share with you. I could only admire the beautiful wares from afar. While the packing up was underway, I did have a chance to buy an Evie Rose Petite Fleur for my Miss Molly. This is such a great idea - it is a hair accessory that can be worn four ways. They are easy to convert and come in a great range of fabric and colours. Molly's Petite Fleur is 'Kate' and she is sporting it as a clip at the moment and is quite pleased with herself.

I strongly suggest you start saving your pennies now so you can stock up on your Christmas goodies at the next Mathilda's Market on November 1. It really is an amazing chance to see the wares of great local designers and enjoy a pleasant boutique shopping experience.

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