Monday, March 15, 2010

Sailing Through the Week

Are you sailing through your week, so far? Mine is off to a great start. It was nice to be back at Portside for the Boutique Markets, yesterday. You couldn't help but notice the cruise ship in port and it certainly proved a talking point for lots of shoppers. The weather played a few tricks on us but nothing too serious and the company was great!

Looking back at the photos of the day it seems I did manage to have a little nautical theme of my own happening.

Serena from Avant Garb was across the way from me and her wrap skirts looked great. She uses lots of black and splashes it with these beautiful Japanese fabrics. I really liked the purple one and I think I might just be tempted next month.

It's going to be a busy week replenishing stock before The Handmade Expo on Saturday. I best go and see if Mr Button has left any more of his jeans laying about the place as the new denim tees were a bit of a hit on the weekend and I will need to get busy with my scissors and sew some more.


  1. The new denim range looks great Lisa, I have some pants at the moment trimmed with denim too. It never really dates does it ?

  2. Hey Lisa, Yes it was a great day and the rain could have been alot worse - I definately agree the company on both sides of me being yourself and deb with her new Create your own bag idea was fantastic. Looking forward to next month C U then.