Monday, March 1, 2010

The Things We Do For Love


It is raining where we live...really bucketing down. Puddles on the road, soggy grass, damp, damp, damp.
It is Kindy sign on at 8am tomorrow. Kindy is an optional year of part time early childhood education for children aged 4-5. Our local C & K Kindy is brilliant. It was a fantastic introduction to formal education for Paddy and we'd love the twins to have the same solid start.

I have only one problem with the place: I started camping out in the line up to sign on, this morning at 8:45am. Yup, you heard me, camping out. Yup, that's right, almost 24hrs before the sign on. Chairs, tents, tarps and port-a-lights on the nature strip. On the plus side, a lovely chance to meet and chat with some of the parents of the twins' future classmates. By the way, did I mention it is raining? Quite a bit, in fact.

Mr Button assisting where possible by stepping in for his turn in the camping out zone. He seemed quite chuffed when I left him there. I think the rigging of tents and tarps in the torrential downpour smacked of a Boys Own adventure and he doesn't mind a bit of that. He was dry at the time. He won't be now. Did I mention it was raining in our neck of the woods?

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! it must be a outstanding kindy!!!!!!!!! no way....and the rain!!!!!