Saturday, March 13, 2010

Please Select From the Following Options

Hypothetically speaking, if one was to embark on a new project using pre-loved denim jeans and skirts, and, when cutting stars from said denim, one inadvertently picked up a pair of still loved denim jeans which someone had left lying around near the ironing board and proceeded to cut several stars and a couple of large hearts from them, the most appropriate course of action would be:

a) contritely confess the mishap to the owner of the jeans and offer to make reparation
b) reattach the missing pieces of the jeans with a combination of blanket stitch, interfacing and wood glue
c) when questioned about the missing jeans, deliver a stern lecture on the importance of putting things back where they belong and slip a confession in at the end
d) when questioned about the missing jeans, look vague and motion in the general direction of the laundry for the next few months

To see the results of this misadventure, pop along to the Boutique Markets at Hamilton tomorrow. Mr Button's jeans may, or may not, be there as well!

Sincere apologies for that first sentence. In spite of several attempts to rewrite it, it still sounds like a Dr Seuss book.


  1. I press button D ! I'm so vague usually I would be believed .

  2. Have a great day at Hamilton tomorrow. See you next weekend.


  3. Oops, that's is hilarious!! I'm sure that he can go out and buy another pair or another few pairs if that makes him feel better. I'm sure that you won't live that one down in a hurry :-)

  4. :) I'd be running with option D all the way :) It was great to see you today!

  5. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA CLASSIC!!!! I'd go with option C! Funny!