Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Market Pal

On Saturday morning as I was getting ready to start my preparations for The Handmade Expo, a snuggly little 6yr old declared he was coming with me for the day. Paddy has developed quite an attachment to THE. I suspect the attachment is based on more than just spending a day with me although I know that is part of the attraction! My Mum, sister and nephew also visited the market and it really was a lovely way to catch up with them.

A reliable source informs me that some of the other attractions at the Turf Club are the fudge, the super generous cupcake ladies, Pauline from the Snow Cone van and his latest love, the bloke who Airbrushes hats. While I was busy tending my wares, Aunty Vick took Paddy shopping. The hats you see in the picture are the result of the shopping expedition. Good grief, I am just not ready for this kind of 'tude'! I'm thinking the days of dressing him in button embellished tees may be gone. Do you think I am in with a chance? That is his cousin is in the photo with him, I don't usually show my children's faces on the blog but in this instance, I made an exception. I believe the 'eyes' have it!


  1. Oh those eyes do have it ! Funny , funny boys !

  2. ohhh, isn't there a magic sprinkling of stop grow around!
    they just get so very big all of a sudden..and a 4 yr old Miss can have 'tude' aswell unfortunately.. hmmm

  3. Hee Hee...these boys are classics...they are great fun and I was privaliged enough to have conversations with them throughout the day...

  4. Thanks for visiting and for leaving a lovely comment. Yes, they grow SOOO quickly. Amazing to watch each new step but wish you could just pause every now and again. How lovely that he wanted to come and spend time with you...fudge is not that much of an inticer. He just loves his Mum!! Hope all is well and hope the market was a success :)

  5. I think Iread cupcakes and got a little mental sugar rush..MMMmmm cup cakes...
    Same kind of caps my 11 yearold nephew wears.. They are all so trendy so young these days...