Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thought for Thursday

A little preamble to the thought this week. It is taken from a school newsletter. Four women from the community were interviewed. The collective age of these ladies is 377 years so they can certainly be considered to be community elders. They were asked to explain respect. This is an excerpt from what they said:

Respect is looking for the good in others,
instead of judging others.
Respect is laughing and enjoying life,
instead of growling and complaining.
Respect is being interested in what others are doing and saying,
instead of only being interested in me.
Respect is taking time with one another,
instead of rushing the time you have with one another.

I like the simplicity and down to earthness of these observations. I'm going to think about that last one when I am trying to hurry small folk through the day and I am going to slow down, breathe, and give them respect. Have a great end to the week!


  1. i definitely like that!
    I agree with the small folk thing aswell, they really can't help it sometimes & as much as we need them to respect us, we need to respect them aswell.
    well said lovely Lisa.

  2. Lovely thoughts to head into the weekend with! Yes, we need to slow down and respect our little ones' right to explore, grow and wonder. Growing up just right takes time...and much love and respect:)