Sunday, March 28, 2010

Did It Look Like This At Your House?

Did you have lots of these scattered about the place last night? Wasn't it nice and restful? Thank goodness Earth Hour happens at a time when the Little Buttons are in bed or I don't think I would be using the word restful!

I did a bit of cutting by candlelight and recycled some scraps for the Year 1 collage table. Mostly I just enjoyed the quiet and the lovely scents of the candles as they burned. Something big started crashing about in the bush just as the hour was winding up. Mr Button and I tried to do a bit of spotlighting to discover the visitor but we struck out. It sounded as though it was koala sized which made me happy. I like it when they come to stay in our trees.


  1. I kept saying to myself and the girls about it ALL week and I FORGOT!!!Good for you to remember X

  2. Hey Lisa, Yes we did the same thing minus the bush sounds outside. I couldn't believe the first photo as I have the exact same angel sitting on one of my tables. Beautiful photo. x

  3. Just wait til I tell the youngest that I know someone who had a 'kahlala' come and stay over!